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Sample preparation equipment

We have state-of-the-art humidity and temperature controlled cryoEM sample preparation laboratories. Equipment includes a plasma cleaner, plunge-freezer, carbon coater and stereo microscope.


Electron microscope

Our trusty workhorse is a cryo-capable 120 kV Tecnai 12, used for investigation of negative stained and cryo-samples. Single-particle and tomography data are collected automatically with a Gatan OneView camera.


Computer cluster

All data are processed in-house with our cryoEM dedicated cluster, consisting of 540 CPU threads and 28 GPUs. We run software such as RELION, Cryosparc, IMOD, Warp, SPRING and Coot.


Wet laboratory

We have state-of-the art wet laboratories with all standard molecular biology equipment for molecular cloning, protein expression, purification and biochemical analysis.


GW4 Regional Facility

The GW4 group is an alliance of the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter. Bristol houses the GW4 Regional Facility for CryoEM, where we ship samples and perform remote data collection when required.

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